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Treasurer of the State of Iowa

Michael L. Fitzgerald was first elected State Treasurer of Iowa in 1982. He was born in Marshalltown, Iowa, and completed high school in Colo, Iowa. He then attended the University of Iowa and received a B.S. in Business Administration. Prior to being elected state treasurer, Fitzgerald worked as a marketing analyst for Massey Ferguson Company in Des Moines for eight years.

Fitzgerald has become a leader in public service during his tenure as state treasurer. He has served as president of several national organizations. He serves as trustee and custodian of Iowa's three state pension funds. In addition, he invests over two billion dollars of state operating funds. He has returned millions of dollars in lost property through the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt. Fitzgerald is the administrator of College Savings Iowa, the college savings plan ranked as one of the top 529 plans in the country by Kiplinger Magazine, Money Magazine and Time Magazine. He was proud to offer the Iowa Women and Money Conference in April, 2007.


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