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Simple User Interface

Despite its unmatched capabilities, you will find that SiteViz Premier is extremely easy to use. Our primary goal when we created SiteViz was to offer a product to our customers that would allow them to manage the entirety of their website with no advanced technical skills. Some key usability elements include:

  • Powerful, yet easy-to-use page editor with Microsoft Word-like tools.
  • The simplicity of design and content.
  • Fast-loading pages.
  • Minimal scrolling with links at strategically placed points, giving the user convenient options to view more.
  • Consistent layout through cohesive design and other visual elements from section to section.
  • Easy navigation that has the flexibility to be expanded without changing its core structure.
  • Sitemap that displays backlinks, descriptive link text, and breadcrumbs so that users know where they are at.
  • Cross-platform and browser compatibility.

A screen shot of the SiteViz Jobs module showing how simple the SiteViz user interface is.

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