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High Availability Hosting

SiteViz offers the option of High Availability Hosting. This high-performance, state-of-the-art server infrastructure technology provides real-time scalability to meet your specific needs. This is based on your website’s traffic and bandwidth needs at any time of the day or night. The performance and reliability provided by this upgraded package are unparalleled by any other web hosting provided in Iowa.

A Breakdown of our High Availability Web Hosting infrastructure can be seen below:

Global Reach’s firewalls are configured in a high availability mode. If one fails, the other will take over. Our firewalls also have IPS enabled, meaning that they actively block common exploits that attackers typically use when trying to uncover vulnerabilities on your website.

Image depicting a firewall structure

The load balancer’s purpose is to distribute the web-traffic load equally between the available group of web servers taking requests. These are also safeguarded with high availability mode so that if one fails the other will take over.

Depiction of load balancer

All available web servers are accompanied by their own cache servers, all of which can serve web requests to any website. These are supported by another set of servers that are responsible for running automated jobs or scripts, required for the proper functionality of a website. Code source control is utilized on all servers. Mail servers are responsible for sending out any emails associated with the website.

Depiction of web servers

All of the above servers communicate with the 3 types of clusters below:

Depiction of database clusters


Dedicated Servers and Their Functions to Manage Daily Tasks 

Take advantage of secure, fast, local cloud hosting from Global Reach. Enjoy the service of a local hosting company with the power of a premier, enterprise-level firm.

Analytics icon


Manage analytics & website statistics.

Logs icon


Maintain logs that may be used for troubleshooting purposes.



24/7 Monitoring of all servers and services to ensure proper functionalities for all websites.

Controller icon


Minimizes the disruption caused by a server or network failure, administrative downtime, or other interruptions.

Backups icon


Regular backups of all servers that can be used for disaster recovery.


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