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International M&A Partners (IMAP)
Banking / Finance / Insurance

The challenge

IMAP is one of the world's largest and most well-respected providers of M&A advisory services. IMAP advises primarily mid-sized companies and their shareholders on the sale and acquisition of companies on a global scale. They execute more than 200 successful transactions annually varying from USD 20 – 300 million. IMAP required a web solution that would be scalable to meet their vast communications needs and support secure collaboration between members.

The solution

The Global Collaboration Center (GCC) is a restricted access extranet that was initially developed by Global Reach more than 15 years ago. What started as a simple registry of members has now grown into a full-blown collaboration platform that follows an M&A opportunity from inception to a completed financial transaction. The GCC has recently gone through a major overhaul in order to enhance the functionality of key areas and make the design more welcoming, accessible, and user-friendly.

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