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With SiteViz you have the ability to quickly and easily create a variety of different page types. The module list below describes each of the different page types that are available on your SiteViz website.


blog_thumb Build rapport with your customers and create awareness about your products or services through online commentary. committees_thumbAssemble and manage committee lists where website users can access availability and contact information. discussion_thumbCreate a community around your product or services; make it easy for customers to support each other; and gain a diversity of perspectives for developing market intelligence.
events_thumbIncrease attendance to important events through fast online event setup and registration. faqs_thumbReduce staff-intensive support calls by addressing commonly asked questions on your web. feedback_thumbPost an online response form to solicit important insights from your customers.
guestbook_thumbCreate customized forms, such as a customer survey, employment application, or event nomination. guestbook_thumbProvide an interactive register for site visitors with this business networking tool, including customized introductory and confirmation messages. jobboard_thumbEnhance recruiting efforts by posting available job opportunities online, while applications are submitted directly to you.
mailinglists_thumbCommunicate company news quickly to multiple mailing groups and subscribers. Plus, site visitors can immediately sign-up for one or more mailing lists. memberdirectory_thumbManage your members and create password protected pages. memberdirectory_thumbCapture mobile users by having a mobile friendly version of your website - using the same SiteViz administrative tools.
memberdirectory_thumbHighlight special promotions for your products and services with dynamic banner management. news_thumbQuickly generate and supply timely news content for your clients and staff. partners_thumbRecognize and promote your strategic partners and important sponsors.
photoalbum_thumbCreate and manage your photo library with this feature-rich module. Conduct online surveys to gauge your website audience’s views and opinions on various topics.

Get rid of inconsistent static pages and difficult formatting for product display - use this module to create multiple online catalogs.

Create extended staff profiles for legal and professional entities with this module, including features such as a profile picture, contact information, and associated practice areas. Build audience interest and update stakeholders concerning current company projects. This module provides a fast and highly-organized approach to listing properties – including units, styles, features, and residential areas.
Whether you are a restaurant, catering service, or company with a picnic coming up, the recipes module creates engaging food pages.

Create a centralized repository of informational files and web pages to provide easily accessible resources for your website visitors.

resources_thumbSelf-manage links to other meaningful web pages, such as: complimentary products, references, partnerships, and sponsors.
rss_thumbProvide a quick, convenient option for viewing website content, with the capability to connect to your news, press releases, events calendars, and blogs. rssag_thumbUpdate your site automatically with relevant industry feeds and breaking news that your customers care about.

Assist users and search engines to locate and navigate pages, by automatically generating hierarchical site maps.

Make information on your website easy to share over many different social media, blog, and communication platforms. speakers_thumbProvide useful details about a speaker for an upcoming event, along with supplemental resources (e.g. presentation handouts). testimonials_thumbEndorse your product or services and build brand credibility, by publishing quotations from satisfied customers.
virtualtours_thumbShowcase your recent investment in company assets (e.g., new office, new manufacturing facilities, etc.).    


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