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Blogs with RSS Feed

The Blogs module allows administrators to create multiple blogs that website visitors can comment on. Administrators have the ability to approve blog comments before they are posted, and have full control over the way the blog comment is presented. Blogs present a great opportunity to bring awareness to relevant topics, and add another level of expertise and personality to your organization.

The Blogs module incorporates the following features:

  • Enable or disable the comment function.
  • Enable or disable the approval for comment posting on the website. If approval is required, you will receive a notification e-mail with every comment submission.
  • Specify the number of articles to be displayed on each page.
  • Formatting for the main page display (partial or full articles).
  • Automatic archival of past blogs by year.
  • CAPTCHA-protected comment form, to prevent spammers from submitting comments.

Example of the module layout:

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