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SEO Features

SiteViz is equipped with several features that help improve Search Engine Optimization, which determines your website's ranking on search engines.

Semantically Correct Layouts

All SiteViz websites are coded in such a way that the overall structure of the site is logical. That is, the major components are laid out like a book - Logo/Header, Navigation, Headings, and finally the actual Content. This layout is beneficial not only for search engines, but also makes the website more ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Compliant and better equipped to handle screen reading software.

Proper Usage of Heading and Paragraph Tags

Using the heading and paragraph tags correctly are important in factoring how a page is ranked, and also add value for readers in that they provide a logical breakdown of the content presented. SiteViz handles the implementation of these tags automatically.

Meta Data Control

On every page of your SiteViz website you can manage all of the meta data, including Title, Keywords, and Description. This flexibility makes your SEO strategies all the more successful in that you can customize the terms for each individual page.

Automation of Meta Title

The Meta Title is automatically populated on every page of your website. As mentioned above, you can of course override the Meta Title as desired.

Search Engine Friendly URLs

SiteViz automatically generates search engine-friendly (and human-friendly) URLs for every page of your website.

Attribute Support

Within the powerful page editor, the ability to manage the alt and title tags on all images and links is present. It is important to provide this information not only for SEO, but also to make the website more ADA Compliant.

Real Text navigation

All SiteViz sites utilize real text navigation, as opposed to image based navigation. This structure allows search engines to crawl the navigation more easily. In the event of navigation requiring images, real text is still present "behind the scenes" for SEO purposes.

Robots.txt Support

All SiteViz sites are equipped with a Robots.txt file which serves as a pointer for search engine spiders.

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