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Headquartered in Iowa State University's Research Park, Global Reach has been one of Iowa's largest and most respected web design firms for over 10 years.  With a diverse portfolio of clients ranging in industry and size, Global Reach provides strategic implementation, creativity, and experience to help you achieve your online business objectives.

Rapid Implementation
Your personalized solution can be managed through an intuitive platform - providing real-time updates and content publishing that align with your schedule and needs.  Publishing dates can be assigned to pages in progress and SiteViz will automatically update the website for you.  SiteViz promotes time efficiency, so you can focus on your core mission.

Easy to Use
SiteViz is an intuitive platform, built with the non-technical user in mind; operating much like word processing software, through an integrated visual page editor.  Additionally, the pages of your website are arranged in familiar hierarchical tree, similar to Windows® Explorer.

The SiteViz page editor makes editing the content sections of your website as easy as using your word processing software.  These simple tools allows you to:

  • Format text
  • Change the type face or style
  • Justify paragraphs
  • Make bulleted or numbered lists
  • Indent paragraphs
  • Insert horizontal lines
  • Insert and remove hyperlinks
  • Insert and remove images
  • Insert special characters
  • Cut and paste content

SiteViz offers more than 20 pre-built dynamic content modules to choose from when customizing your website.  Examples of these modules include: News and Press Releases, Events Calendar, Photo Albums, Resources and Links, Frequently Asked Questions, RSS Feeds, and many more. 

With Global Reach's innovative and business-minded technology, new modules are constantly being developed and implemented.  If there is a unique function you need built into your website, Global Reach will work with you to develop a custom module to accomodate this requirement (pricing for custom modules may vary).

SiteViz is a tailor-made content management solution, so you don't have to pay for redundant functionality.  This also means that it is made for you to succeed, removing your dependency on costly third-party web designers, as well as working within your budget.  As part of the comprehensive SiteViz solution, your website will be hosted within Global Reach's reliable and highly-available data center.

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