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SiteViz Modules

With SiteViz, you can quickly and easily create a variety of different page types. A module acts similarly to a plug-in by providing you with a template-based page structure. This provides you with a more efficient process of entering content while maintaining organizational and format consistency within the page. SiteViz modules are fully mobile responsive to maintain great usability on all screen sizes.

  • Looking for some passive income for your business? Opt for placing advertisements on your website. We do not put any limits on the number of advertisements.
  • Post advertisements in a way that does not crowd your content.
  • Control the maximum number of impressions and clicks for each advertisement. Once the limit is reached, SiteViz takes it down, so you do not have to.
  • Generate a report to view the click-through rate of individual ads with just one click!
More Details about Advertisements
  • Use the SiteViz Alerts module to send email and text notifications to subscribers.
  • Include the option to subscribe to alerts directly on your website while allowing users to select what type of alerts they would like to receive.
  • Supports a large number of mobile phone carriers, allowing anyone to subscribe to receive mobile text alerts.
More Details about Alerts
  • Keep your audience informed by adding important announcements to your homepage.
  • Custom design the announcement banner to match your website.
  • Take advantage of the fully customizable content and make updates as often as you would like.
More Details about Announcement Banner
  • Use the SiteViz Posts module to create informative, engaging content that will keep visitors coming back to your website.
  • Provide the optimal user experience with organized categories, tags, and the option to comment and subscribe.
  • Stand out from the competition and climb the search engine rankings with keyword-rich posts about whatever topic you choose!
More Details about Blog Posts
  • Create organized collections of documents that are readily available to your website visitors.
  • Easily keep your website updated by adding new files in less than a minute.
  • All files are accessible from any device with SiteViz’s fully responsive capabilities.
More Details about Document Collections
  • Post events in a central location to promote awareness and attendance.
  • Allow online registration and let SiteViz do the work for you. Send email blasts to your attendee list, print name tags, and more – all through SiteViz.
  • Organize events by category for a color-coded calendar and easy filtering.
More Details about Events Calendar
  • Eliminate the anxiety and administrative hustle of having to deal with offline registrations.
  • Allow attendees to register for an event and pay online when it is most convenient for them.
  • Collect and further process registration information with ease.
More Details about Event Registrations
  • Use the SiteViz Files module to easily upload, manage, and organize files of all types.
  • Help visitors find the files they are looking for with the categories and tags features.
  • Keep your website files up-to-date with scheduled notification reminders.
More Details about Files
  • When adding an FAQ, you will be able to list the questions, specify categories, and use a full-text editor to include any images, videos, or links in the answer content.
  • Google commends websites that provide the information that is needed to make an educated decision. Use the FAQ module to do just that and improve your SEO rankings.
  • Go the extra mile for your customers and boost your sales by including FAQs on products and services.
More Details about Frequently Asked Questions
  • SiteViz simplifies the process of creating a glossary of terms. All you have to do is enter the term and definitions, and SiteViz will style and organize the terms for you.
  • Display terms in the best manner and create a visually appealing glossary page.
  • Flaunt your expertise in the industry with informative content while also boosting your SEO.
More Details about Glossary
  • Use the jobs module to keep job openings organized in one place, with the convenience of posting them to all of your websites.
  • Allow online applications using our standard multi-step application or generate custom applications. Simply export the applicant submissions directly from SiteViz at interview time.
  • Keep potential employees in the loop by having them subscribe to job notifications, which will email them whenever a position is open in their department.
More Details about Jobs
  • Easily change the look and feel of your homepage to keep your website original and fresh.
  • Create an unlimited number of special-purpose landing pages, such as an event or a product/service-specific landing page.
  • Enhance your digital marketing campaigns by directing users to a specific landing page that has been designed to highlight a product, service, or anything else relevant to your business.
  • Choose from a variety of tools to add animations, slideshows, and special content box displays.
  • Connect any of our SiteViz modules to have dynamically populated content displayed on the page.
More Details about Landing Page Builder
  • Use the links module to display both internal and external links to helpful resources.
  • Organize links by category to make them more easily accessible for users.
  • Establish your business as a trusted information resource, while simultaneously improving search engine rankings.
More Details about Links
  • Use the interactive Locations module to get clients to your business faster.
  • Search for locations by zip code, keywords, or additional filters, and even provide directions directly from the page.
  • Add a logo, description, and address information for each of your locations and plot them on an embedded Google map.
  • Categorize your locations into different types, which can be organized by color-coded pins on the map.
More Details about Locations
  • Use the SiteViz Mailing Lists module to easily send mass emails both internally and externally.
  • Create custom, branded email templates to add extra professionalism to your emails.
  • Get real-time reporting on the results of your email campaigns.
More Details about Mailing Lists
  • Feature the most recent news items on your homepage, enticing your visitors to read more.
  • Create categories and tags to make it easier for website visitors to find news relevant to them.
  • Schedule when an article will be published and for how long.
  • Share news across all your news pages or other websites of your organization using our smart content-sharing tool.
More Details about News & Press Releases
  • Keep in touch with your website visitors and audiences through a robust newsletter mailing system.
  • Newsletters are great for mailing exclusive coupons, offers, updates, and more!
  • Build each newsletter article by article online and preview it before sending it off to subscribers.
  • View graphical results of the success of your newsletter initiatives.
More Details about Newsletters
  • Use the Partners & Sponsors module to recognize your partners and sponsors by featuring them on your website.
  • Spotlight partners by including their logo, company name, and short description.
  • Categorize partners by industry, sponsor level, seniority, etc.
More Details about Partners & Sponsors
  • Use the Photo Albums module to build an unlimited number of photo albums showcasing your organization.
  • Customize the display with embedded photos or choose to display your image as a popup.
  • Choose to upload one image at a time or upload all images at once to an album.
  • Designate a title and description to display on the website for each image, including alt text for WCAG Compliance.
More Details about Photo Albums
  • Use the Polls module to engage with your audience by including polls on your website.
  • This simple Call to Action (CTA) provides you and your website visitors with real-time poll results.
  • Keep visitors on your website by allowing them to pause, think, and interact with your organization.
More Details about Polls
  • Create a captivating online project portfolio using the Portfolios module
  • Include descriptions, images, videos, and relevant content for each project
  • Organize your portfolio into customizable categories (e.g., commercial, industrial, residential)
  • Showcase your work in a visually appealing and organized manner.
More Details about Portfolios
  • Showcase your properties in a sleek, consistent manner that allows you to present an abundance of property details.  
  • Provide potential buyers and renters with a robust search and an interactive map to explore property listings.
  • Easily maintain your listings with a user-friendly content management system.
More Details about Properties
  • Use the SiteViz Resources module to establish your website as a hub for expert industry information.
  • Boost your ranking on search engines with a content-rich section on your website that drives traffic to your website.
  • Easily add and organize multiple file types.
More Details about Resources
  • Use the Reports module to generate reports to display to your audience using either a Pie Graph, Bar Graph, or Table.
  • Import data from excel to speed up the data entry process.
  • Customize the colors your data is presented on Pie Graphs and Bar Graphs.
  • Preview how a report will look prior to publishing it. 
More Details about Reports
  • Use the RSS Feeds module to keep your website updated with the latest news and content.
  • Establish your website as a go-to resource for industry information and news.
  • Keep visitors coming back to your website with the subscription feature.
More Details about RSS Feeds
  • Use the SiteViz Services module to showcase all of your services in an organized, centralized location.
  • Enhance your service listings with photos, videos, and additional details for optimal promotion.
  • Rank higher in search engines by adding SEO-rich content about the services you offer.
More Details about Services
  • Use the Staff Directory module to include images of your staff. Recognize them for all they do and showcase their skills and accomplishments.
  • Build trust with potential clients by sharing information about your staff members. People like to know about the person they are doing business with.
  • Group staff into specific categories to help the user easily find who they are looking for.
More Details about Staff Directory
  • Use the Submission Forms module to create as many online forms as you can possibly imagine, ranging from a simple 'Contact us' form to a complicated multi-step ‘Mortgage application’ form that accepts payments.
  • Designate all or specific fields as encrypted to ensure the security and privacy of any personal data collected through a form.
  • Allow users to easily fill out a form that can adjust the questions accordingly depending on the responses they provide.
  • View, print, or export submissions in order to process them further.
More Details about Submission Forms
  • Use the SiteViz Success Stories module to provide authentic evidence of how your services and products have been used in the real world.
  • Build rapport with potential customers and encourage them to connect with you.
  • Enhance your website and improve your search engine rankings with keyword-rich descriptions, images, links, and more.
More Details about Success Stories
  • Use the Testimonials module to build trust with potential customers by showing that you provide reliable, high-quality services or products.
  • Add valuable details to a testimonial, specify the title, author name, company name, date posted, image, video, abstract, testimonial content, and internal notes.
  • Associate testimonials with a specific product or service. When a user clicks on the testimonial it will take them directly to the relevant product or service page.
More Details about Testimonials
  • Use the Videos module to store all your uploaded videos in one place and seamlessly embed them within the pages of your website.
  • Add relevant details to each video, and specify the title, date posted, and description.
  • Display videos in a carousel or list view depending on which is best for your content.
More Details about Videos
  • Use the SiteViz White Papers module to capitalize on your industry knowledge by showcasing white papers directly on your website.
  • Associate white papers with a specific product to display related documents right on the product page.
  • Increase a customer’s odds of doing business with you while simultaneously boosting your SEO.
More Details about White Papers
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