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Manage and display various file types on your website within a front-end document library with the SiteViz Files module. Enjoy the flexibility of creating categories and assigning relevant files to as many categories as you would like. Organize your files even further by using tags to provide a user-friendly way to filter files. Compile valuable resources for website visitors while simultaneously storing all your files in a secure, centralized location!

A Library You Do Not Need A Card For

A screenshot showing how SiteViz can create a library of information for your visitors.
A screenshot of the filtered search functionality on SiteViz.
A screenshot of the categorize files module on SiteViz.
A screenshot of the SiteViz file tagging fuction.
A screenshot example of the SiteViz files module, which stores all of your important files in one centralized location.

The Future Of File Management

A screenshot demonstrating how SiteViz will place the file in the proper place on the website page with no additional work from you.
A screenshot demonstrating how SiteViz allows users to upload their files in the format they want with flexibility and ease.
A screenshot showing how easy it is with SiteViz to add documents to each website or page.

Demo Graphic

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