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SiteViz Commerce

Designed specifically for the E-Commerce Sector, our tailored-made Solution leverages the power of internet on selling products or services with ease, speed and most of all security.   

It can be used either as a standalone solution or integrated with any ERP system and facilitate a seamless exchange of information.

Website admins can manage everything with ease:

  • Product & Inventory Listing
  • Customer & Order Management
  • Payment & Promotion Options
  • Custom Sales Reporting

Customers can perform tasks and find information with convenience:

  • Browse or Search for Products
  • Add products in the Shopping Cart
  • Pay online for their purchase
  • Choose preferred shipping method


  • Give your customers more, while you do less!
  • Schedule follow-up emails to encourage reviews on your website or to inform them of their order's progress.
  • Provide customers with a plethora of product information, allowing for a quick purchasing decision.
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  • Display products in a clean, organized manner for your shoppers.
  • Your product catalogue may be regularly updated with excel imports, rather than editing each item.
  • Offer a variety of product types and promote cross-selling by listing related products directly on the page.
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Import & Export Options

  • Never worry about having to adjust the properties of each product one at a time.
  • Using the product import, all product information from pricing to images may be updated in bulk through an Excel file import.
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  • Leverage your brand partnerships to build rapport with customers.
  • Feature brands on the home page to allow customers to jump directly to a product's page.
  • Applying brands allows for additional filtering options in the faceted search.
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Order Management

  • Orders are connected to customer accounts, so they may be viewed from a customer's account or through the order list.
  • Set custom order statuses to meet your company needs and align your processes.
  • Generate packing slips and receipts for a bulk selection of orders.
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  • Quickly generate new promotional codes in just a few steps.
  • Schedule the validity of a code to the exact time and date of expiration.
  • Utilize a multitude of promotion types and set conditional rules to find what works best for your audience.
More Details about Promotions

Shipping Management

  • Automatically calculate shipping fees at checkout. Run the shipping report to track its effectiveness.
  • Integrate with USPS, UPS, or FedEx to handle your shipping needs.
  • Add packaging types and product information to have products automatically packaged together in the same order to save boxes.
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E-Commerce Reports

  • Generate the most useful reports with one click!
  • Track promotion code marketing campaigns to view total orders, revenue, and more.
  • Review the success of your business from multiple perspectives.
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  • Fast & Secure payments
  • Maximize conversion rates and acceptance
  • Accept all major debit and credit cards
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Additional Modules

  • Use the Submission Forms module to create as many online forms as you can possibly imagine, ranging from a simple 'Contact us' form to a complicated multi-step ‘Mortgage application’ form that accepts payments.
  • Designate all or specific fields as encrypted to ensure the security and privacy of any personal data collected through a form.
  • Allow users to easily fill out a form that can adjust the questions accordingly depending on the responses they provide.
  • View, print, or export submissions in order to process them further.
More Details about Submission Forms
  • Use the jobs module to keep job openings organized in one place, with the convenience of posting them to all of your websites.
  • Allow online applications using our standard multi-step application or generate custom applications. Simply export the applicant submissions directly from SiteViz at interview time.
  • Keep potential employees in the loop by having them subscribe to job notifications, which will email them whenever a position is open in their department.
More Details about Jobs
  • When adding an FAQ, you will be able to list the questions, specify categories, and use a full-text editor to include any images, videos, or links in the answer content.
  • Google commends websites that provide the information that is needed to make an educated decision. Use the FAQ module to do just that and improve your SEO rankings.
  • Go the extra mile for your customers and boost your sales by including FAQs on products and services.
More Details about Frequently Asked Questions
  • Use the interactive Locations module to get clients to your business faster.
  • Search for locations by zip code, keywords, or additional filters, and even provide directions directly from the page.
  • Add a logo, description, and address information for each of your locations and plot them on an embedded Google map.
  • Categorize your locations into different types, which can be organized by color-coded pins on the map.
More Details about Locations
  • Use the SiteViz Mailing Lists module to easily send mass emails both internally and externally.
  • Create custom, branded email templates to add extra professionalism to your emails.
  • Get real-time reporting on the results of your email campaigns.
More Details about Mailing Lists
  • Feature the most recent news items on your homepage, enticing your visitors to read more.
  • Create categories and tags to make it easier for website visitors to find news relevant to them.
  • Schedule when an article will be published and for how long.
  • Share news across all your news pages or other websites of your organization using our smart content-sharing tool.
More Details about News & Press Releases

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