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Boost engagement and gather valuable data with the SiteViz Polls module. Polls can be one of the easiest ways to boost engagement and keep visitors on your website longer. Polls are also a great way to gain useful insight into what your target market thinks or wants. This module is easy to use and adds an extra layer of sophistication to your website!

One Module, Countless Benefits

A screenshot showing how with the SiteViz Polls module you can gather thoughts and opinions on new products/services, events, or anything you can think of straight from the target audience.
A screenshot showing how SiteViz can help you create an eye-catching and an easy way for the user to engage with your pages instead of passively skimming.
A screenshot showing how with SiteViz you can simply enter a question and a list of answers to make your own poll.

Managing Polls

A screenshot showing how the SiteViz polls module allows a user to see real-time results.
A screenshot showing how SiteViz allows website admins to view the real-time results of a poll on the backend of the website.
A screenshot showing how to make a SiteViz poll display on multiple websites or pages.

Demo Graphic

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