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Stand Out in the Legal Industry with Our Specialized Content Management Tools

In today's competitive legal landscape, differentiation is key. That's why SiteViz Law is meticulously crafted to empower your firm with bespoke content management tools, uniquely tailored to meet the demands of the legal industry.

Effortlessly managed by your website administrators, SiteViz Law equips your firm with a suite of capabilities designed to streamline operations and enhance client engagement. With just a few clicks, you can:

  • Manage Attorney Profiles: Showcase your team's expertise and experience with professionally curated attorney profiles. From qualifications to accolades, our intuitive platform ensures that each profile accurately reflects your firm's strengths.

  • Define Practice Areas: Clearly define and highlight your firm's practice areas, ensuring that potential clients understand the breadth and depth of your legal expertise. Our customizable tools allow you to showcase specialties and niche services with precision.

  • Design Brochures and Publications: Impress clients and prospects alike with polished brochures and publications that communicate your firm's unique value proposition. Our user-friendly interface empowers you to create professional marketing materials that resonate with your target audience.

Complementing our SiteViz Law Solution is seamless integration with other SiteViz modules, amplifying the impact of your digital presence. Furthermore, our commitment to accessibility is unwavering. SiteViz Law is fully compliant with PCI, SOC 2, GDPR and WCAG Standards, ensuring that your website is secure, enforces data privacy regulations and is accessible to all users, regardless of their abilities or assistive technologies.

In an industry where trust and credibility are paramount, SiteViz Law empowers your firm to cultivate a distinct identity and exceed client expectations. Elevate your online presence, expand your reach, and unlock new opportunities for growth with our comprehensive suite of tools tailored for the legal sector.


See How SiteViz Can Take Your Law Firm To The Next Level

Seeing is believing. Contact us today for a personal demonstration and discover what SiteViz CMS can do for you!


User Management and Permissions

  • Create user accounts for all your attorneys.
  • Assign your attorneys to a designated user group.
  • Define what information needs to be provided for each user that belongs to each group.
  • Give access to the group or individual attorneys to other areas of your website.
More Details about User Management and Permissions

Practice Areas

  • Create all the practice areas that your firm offers
  • Associate your attorneys to practice areas
  • Associate practice areas with industry areas
  • Enable your website visitors to easily filter and find the attorneys they may be interested in working with.
More Details about Practice Areas

Industry Areas

  • Create all the industry areas that your firm offers
  • Associate your attorneys with industry areas
  • Enable your website visitors to easily filter and find the attorneys they may be interested in working with.
More Details about Industry Areas


  • Create new Attorney profiles with ease.
  • A simple way to manage contact information and promote your practice.
  • Designed to make your business information as accessible as possible
More Details about Attorneys


  • Upload any documents that your firm or your attorneys may have published or any other documents that are relevant to your areas/industries of practice.
  • Associate your attorneys or areas of practice with specific publications.
  • Enable your website visitors to easily filter and find the applications relevant to a specific attorney or area of practice.
More Details about Publications

Brochure Builder

  • Introduce your practice to prospective clients.
  • Generate custom brochures from your website content.
  • Ideal for everything from Attorney Bios to your company overview.
More Details about Brochure Builder

Additional Modules

  • Use the Submission Forms module to create as many online forms as you can possibly imagine, ranging from a simple 'Contact us' form to a complicated multi-step ‘Mortgage application’ form that accepts payments.
  • Designate all or specific fields as encrypted to ensure the security and privacy of any personal data collected through a form.
  • Allow users to easily fill out a form that can adjust the questions accordingly depending on the responses they provide.
  • View, print, or export submissions in order to process them further.
More Details about Submission Forms
  • Use the jobs module to keep job openings organized in one place, with the convenience of posting them to all of your websites.
  • Allow online applications using our standard multi-step application or generate custom applications. Simply export the applicant submissions directly from SiteViz at interview time.
  • Keep potential employees in the loop by having them subscribe to job notifications, which will email them whenever a position is open in their department.
More Details about Jobs
  • When adding an FAQ, you will be able to list the questions, specify categories, and use a full-text editor to include any images, videos, or links in the answer content.
  • Google commends websites that provide the information that is needed to make an educated decision. Use the FAQ module to do just that and improve your SEO rankings.
  • Go the extra mile for your customers and boost your sales by including FAQs on products and services.
More Details about Frequently Asked Questions
  • Use the interactive Locations module to get clients to your business faster.
  • Search for locations by zip code, keywords, or additional filters, and even provide directions directly from the page.
  • Add a logo, description, and address information for each of your locations and plot them on an embedded Google map.
  • Categorize your locations into different types, which can be organized by color-coded pins on the map.
More Details about Locations
  • Post events in a central location to promote awareness and attendance.
  • Allow online registration and let SiteViz do the work for you. Send email blasts to your attendee list, print name tags, and more – all through SiteViz.
  • Organize events by category for a color-coded calendar and easy filtering.
More Details about Events Calendar
  • Feature the most recent news items on your homepage, enticing your visitors to read more.
  • Create categories and tags to make it easier for website visitors to find news relevant to them.
  • Schedule when an article will be published and for how long.
  • Share news across all your news pages or other websites of your organization using our smart content-sharing tool.
More Details about News & Press Releases
  • Use the Photo Albums module to build an unlimited number of photo albums showcasing your organization.
  • Customize the display with embedded photos or choose to display your image as a popup.
  • Choose to upload one image at a time or upload all images at once to an album.
  • Designate a title and description to display on the website for each image, including alt text for WCAG Compliance.
More Details about Photo Albums

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See How SiteViz Can Take Your Law Firm To The Next Level

Seeing is believing. Contact us today for a personal demonstration and discover what SiteViz CMS can do for you!


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