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Membership Management

Membership Management

The SiteViz Membership Management Solution is a fully integrated collection of modules that allows any membership management organization to manage their public website, secure member area, and member subscriptions/payments entirely online, and under the same roof. Included are features that will allow you to set up and manage your organization’s memberships more efficiently, define member categories and roles, and assign suitable permissions for them. In addition to publishing member-specific content, the system allows you to stay in touch with your members using the member directory for member-to-member communication. The SiteViz Membership Management Solution utilizes secure and encrypted payment systems that simplify subscription payments and provides you with all the tools your organization needs to manage, maintain, and grow your membership subscriptions. 


Membership Levels

  • Create as many membership levels as you need.
  • Assign different permissions to each membership level.
  • Define different membership fees for each level.
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Organization & Chapter Management

  • Create and edit your membership chapters & organizations.
  • Assign members to their chapters & organizations.
  • Customize and automate messages and notifications.
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Members List & Member Categories

  • Create & edit organizations.
  • Assign members to their organization.
  • Customize and automate messages and notifications.
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Member Profiles

  • Manage member details and login credentials.
  • Monitor the status of your members.
  • Track membership subscriptions and fees.
  • Keep a log of all your communications with a member.
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Membership Reports

  • Track email correspondence between your organization and its members.
  • Monitor the growth of your organization.
  • View new and terminated members by month, term, and year.
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Member Access

  • Easy member access through the online registration feature.
  • System automated password reset.
  • Implement password-protected pages.
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Additional Modules

  • Use the Submission Forms module to create as many online forms as you can possibly imagine, ranging from a simple 'Contact us' form to a complicated multi-step ‘Mortgage application’ form that accepts payments.
  • Designate all or specific fields as encrypted to ensure the security and privacy of any personal data collected through a form.
  • Allow users to easily fill out a form that can adjust the questions accordingly depending on the responses they provide.
  • View, print, or export submissions in order to process them further.
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  • Post events in a central location to promote awareness and attendance.
  • Allow online registration and let SiteViz do the work for you. Send email blasts to your attendee list, print name tags, and more – all through SiteViz.
  • Organize events by category for a color-coded calendar and easy filtering.
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  • Use the SiteViz Mailing Lists module to easily send mass emails both internally and externally.
  • Create custom, branded email templates to add extra professionalism to your emails.
  • Get real-time reporting on the results of your email campaigns.
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