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Photo Albums

No website is complete without photos showcasing your staff, office, work you have done, and more! Photos add personality to your website and make it more interesting and engaging for the user. The SiteViz Photo Albums module is easy to use and can help keep users on your website while also ensuring WCAG compliance.

A Feature Worth 1,000 Words

A screenshot example of the SiteViz embedded photo album setting.
A screenshot of the SiteViz page overlay setting, which creates a more interactive and engaging experience for the user.
A screenshot showing how SiteViz will lay out the photos to fit perfectly with your specific size preferences.
A screenshot showing how the SiteViz Photo Album module allows you to quickly upload multiple images all at once with a zip file.
A screenshot demonstrating how SiteViz allows you to save time by only entering an image once, regardless of how many websites you want it to appear on.
A screenshot of the slideshow function in the SiteViz photo albums module.

Demo Graphic

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