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Staff Directory

People are more likely to do business with those that they know, like, and trust. The SiteViz Staff Directory module allows you to showcase the experience and accomplishments of both individual team members and your company as a whole. Not only are you building rapport, but also creating a personal connection with your clients. We have developed even more robust Staff Profiles for legal and medical applications. 

Add Personality To Your Website

A screenshot showing how you can share information about your team with the Staff module from SiteViz.
A screenshot demonstrating how SiteViz allows you to display your staff directory in an optimal way for the design of your website.
A screenshot showing how SiteViz makes navigating the directory easier by organizing staff into relevant categories.
A screenshot showing how SiteViz allows you to avoid doing any extra, unnecessary work by simply assigning each staff member to the appropriate departmental page by using the checkboxes.

Demo Graphic

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