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Maintenance & Support Methodology

Global Reach is a value-driven company. One of our main goals is to maintain a high level of Customer Satisfaction by providing proactive and on-time reactive support services. We have organized our resources into different teams, each of which is specialized in the provision of maintenance and support services to a specific set of Customers who use a specific Global Reach product. This ensures the provision of efficient and cost-effective maintenance and support services to all our customers. The diagram that follows demonstrates the Call Escalation process and the way the Global Reach Helpdesk operates.

Call Management

Global Reach’s Helpdesk performs Call Management in order to support our customer’s day-to-day operations in relation to the solution we have provided to them. In the Call Management process certain standards and guidelines are defined to allow us to guarantee the customer satisfaction level and ensure effective, efficient, and smooth Helpdesk operation. One of the critical building blocks of a successful Helpdesk is the ability to translate accurate information regarding a service request received from a customer and conveyed to the Support Teams, and vice versa. Therefore, one of the main roles of the Helpdesk is to maintain bi-directional communication between the Customers and the Support Teams, as presented in the below diagram that shows the key communication paths.


The Call Management procedure is initiated when a customer places a call to the Helpdesk, to report a problem, place a complaint, or request information. The process is terminated 24 hours after the customer verifies that the problem has been resolved, or when he/she verifies that adequate information has been received. 

Call Management is the procedure for the management of customer calls/inquiries by the Global Reach Helpdesk to meet Service Level Agreements (SLA), that is, call back and response target times committed to the customer, and targets for regular feedback and updates to the customer. The procedure includes the following:

  • Receiving calls/inquiries.
  • Registering the calls/inquiries.
  • Responding to calls/inquiries.
  • Managing the calls/inquiries.
  • Maintaining, monitoring, and measuring compliance with the targets (response time, resolution time, etc.).
  • Updating the customer at regular intervals until the issue reported is resolved.

Call Prioritization

Cal Prioritization is the process of organizing support calls that we receive from our clients. This process has the following two key characteristics:

  • Priority is set by the Customer and confirmed by Global Reach.
  • The level of priority can be changed only with the agreement of the Customer.

The priority level assigned to a call is defined in the following table:

Priority Level Definition Actions


The website is down and there is a critical impact on the Customer’s business operation and there is no viable detour or workaround available.

Full-time resources until the problem is resolved.


The operation of the website is severely degraded or significant aspects of the Customer’s business operation are being negatively impacted by unacceptable performance. This definition also includes calls that have been previously classified as Priority A calls for which there is a viable detour or workaround available.

Full-time resources until the problem is resolved.


The operational performance of the website is impaired while most of the Customer’s business operations remain functional. Also, any other problem which the user can easily avoid or detour, for which there is no urgency for resolution.

Allocation of resources, after agreement with the customer, during normal working hours to restore service to satisfactory levels.


Information or assistance is required but there is little or no impact on the Customer’s business operation.

Allocation of resources, after agreement with the customer, during normal working hours to provide information or assistance as requested. 


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