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Designed specifically for intra-organizational environments, our Intranet Solution offers a private and secure area for accessing and exchanging internal information such:

  • Fully Customized Intranet Dashboard
  • Knowledge Base for accessing information & Training Material
  • Ticketing & Request System for fostering collaboration
  • Resource & Room Reservation System
  • Boost Employee Recognition with Kudos

On top of that, when the public site is also running on SiteViz, it can be bridged with your Intranet and streamline the exchange of information and data in a way that minimizes managerial clutter.


  • Use the SiteViz Forums module to enhance your website with a community of ideas and discussion.
  • Get notified when a comment needs to be approved, taking the headache out of response management.
  • Keep users coming back to and engaging with your website with this interactive feature!
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Intranet Dashboard

  • The opening page of your intranet should provide the most important information at a glance.
  • Display quick links for frequently accessed resources, celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, list open task request tickets, and more!
  • The Dashboard is reflective of your daily operations and will be customized to fit your needs.
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Knowledge Base

  • House your daily team and department resources in a well-organized and concise manner.
  • Utilize the knowledge base as a reference, but also as a powerful training database.
  • Stress less about version control and document updates. SiteViz will send scheduled notifications when it is time to update a document.
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  • Use the reservations module as a centralized place to reserve any company resource, such as a conference room or piece of equipment.
  • Reservations are made directly through the intranet, providing a user-friendly interface, rather than a clipboard hanging on the door.
  • Reservations are displayed on a color-coded calendar to present availability at a glance.
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People / Employee Directory

  • Help your employees search for coworkers with specific skillsets or knowledge.
  • Access staff details and connect to the right people quickly.
  • Minimize the hassle of keeping employee profiles up to date by passing on the responsibility to your employees.
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  • Jumpstart employee engagement with Kudos.
  • Provide a centralized place to post congratulations, recognition, and notes of appreciation.
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Classifieds / Message Board

  • Allow your employees to sell things without paying any advertising fees.
  • Give your employees an additional reason to access and use your Intranet.
  • Reinforce your social and environmental corporate policy by facilitating the reuse of second-hand items.
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Task Request System - Tickets

  • Give your staff a robust ticketing tool to manage their daily activities and submit their own requests.
  • Tickets are easily filtered and marked with notifications when a review is needed.
  • Delegate tickets with a click of a button, giving you more time to spend on what really matters.
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