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Get more visitors to your location with the SiteViz Locations module. Encompass key information about your business in an easily accessible and centralized location. Help clients find your business as quickly as possible by customizing the way you display your business information.

Create A User-Centered Experience

A graphic representing how Global Reach's SiteViz can put you on Google Maps.
A graphic illustrating how you can organize locations by types with SiteViz.
A screenshot showing the flexible display options offered by the SiteViz locations module.
A screenshot showing how with the SiteViz search feature users can find the location closest to them by entering their zip code.
A screenshot showing how users can get directions directly from the page when they use the SiteViz locations module.
A screenshot showing how the SiteViz Locations module recognizes when multiple locations are close together on the map.

Customize Your Map

“There are those who follow maps, and those who make them.”- Alberto Villoldo

A screenshot showing how this SiteViz feature makes it as easy as possible to get every one of your locations listed for maximum visibility.
A screenshot demonstrating how the SiteViz locations module can make sure you have perfect pin placement on Google Maps.
A screenshot showing how the SiteViz location module can allow you to share a location to multiple pages.

Demo Graphic

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