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Website testimonials have substantial power in convincing potential customers. There is very little that can sway a potential client quite like reading about the positive experiences other customers have had. The SiteViz Testimonials module allows you to showcase current customer and client reviews on the website through the testimonials page.

Online Reputation Management Made Easy

A screenshot of a testimonial for a law firm demonstrating how praise for your products and services will always be more authentic coming from actual customers.
A screenshot showing how when using SiteViz you can add a testimonial and customize the level of detail.
A screenshot of the SiteViz edit Testimonial page showing how easy it is to share testimonials across multiple pages.

Ensure Maximum Visibility

A screenshot showing how SiteViz allows you to showcase testimonials directly on the home page of your website to immediately catch visitors’ attention.
A screenshot of a product page of a pizza demonstrating how the Testimonials module links directly to the Products module and the Services module.
A screenshot showing how video testimonials are especially impactful as they show that a customer was so satisfied that they took the time to make a video to share their experience!

Demo Graphic

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