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Create property listings using our highly-organized property management module. Administrators can add, edit, and delete property listings, including details such as property descriptions, residential areas, units, and photos. Easily create individual unit listings for each property with details such as pricing, size, utilities, and amenities.

Showcase With Complete Information

A screenshot showing how with SiteViz's user-friendly properties display, users can filter properties by seven options, along with interactive map integration.
A screenshot showing an example of a slideshow display created using SiteViz.
A screenshot showing how with SiteViz each amenity is listed by the title of your choosing.
A screenshot example of how SiteViz can help you to relay any terms associated with residency.
A screenshot showing how SiteViz can help you display floor plans or any other related documents with each property.

Keep It User Friendly

A screenshot that shows how SiteViz features a comprehensive filtering bar, complete with sorting and text search options.
A screenshot example  showing how SiteViz allows prospective buyers to search for properties through the map.
A screenshot of an image of an apartment with a built-in call to action at the bottom of the screen.
A screenshot of a google map that is embedded in the function of the Properties Module to allow anyone to view the location of a property on an interactive map with a quick click from the unit’s detail page.

Flexibility At Your Fingertips

A screenshot showing how to organize properties by area using SiteViz.
A screenshot showing how to display properties by units in a table using SiteViz.
A screenshot of an image of a house and an info display that shows how to list properties for sale but not yet available for move-in.
A screenshot showing how to set custom bathroom, bedroom, and amenity options on SiteViz's properties module.
A screenshot of how SiteViz allows users to list a property’s additional services or facilities that come with an additional charge in a way that does not crowd other details listed on the page.

Customizable Style Elements

A screenshot showing how with the customizable style elements function you can add any relevant information you would like in the format you choose.
A screenshot showing how the drag and drop from the toolbox function can help add anything from text, code blocks, file uploads, and more.
A screenshot demonstrating how the customizable style elements function allows you to check your work with the preview mode.

Demo Graphic

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